2015 Multiwave Oscillator Buyers Guide

The Top 10 Tips You Need to Know

8658677The BELS (Bio-Electric Light Stimulator) Multiwave oscillators are perhaps the most effective energy therapy devices available on the market today. They are a big investment, so you should carefully consider which would be the best unit for you and your family.

This buyer’s guide will show you the top 10 most important features to look for in a Pulsed Magnetic Therapy device.

The main emphasis is on voltage range and strength, frequency range, and the light therapy component as well. Also you want to choose a machine that is reasonably priced, is made to the highest standards, and has a good warranty and expert support.

Ideally the unit should be safe, effective, easy to use, backed by science, gets results and is built to last.

Tip #1 – Solid State and Digital


The BioCharger™ NG is the ONLY solid state and digital MWO on the market. It is so far removed from previous generations, we are calling this a Subtle Energy Revitalization Platform (SERP).

It is the world’s first software based, solid state, mobile & cloud compatible high voltage multi-frequency, resonant transformer (modified Tesla Coil) that wirelessly and simultaneously transmits pulsed waves of electromagnetic, electrodynamic and photonic energy. The BioCharger™ NG embodies a revolutionary technology when compared to the antiquated analog technology of existing Rife machines, multi-wave oscillators and various Photonic light therapies.




Tip #2 – Software Driven with Wireless Access


Because the BioCharger™ NG is the only Solid State and Digital platform, it is also the only one with Software capability.

The BioCharger™ NG is software based and comes with build in wifi or ethernet connectivity, we will continually enhance the software and provide updates to our customers as well as provide a repository for uploading, downloading, editing, and creating recipes.

In fact, we’re about to release another update that includes audio modulation so that you will be able to stream live music or sounds from the internet or smart device that will then be played back through the harmonics and frequencies reproducing the notes via electrical corona discharge. Every customer gets access to MyCloud which is where our recipe library resides for easy downloading.


Tip #3: Strength and Range of Voltages


Look for a device that has an adjustable spark gap and a voltage range to at least 750,000 volts. The higher voltage machines selectively inactivate pathogens and unhealthy cancerous cells that the lower voltage machines will not. (See the NASA cooperative study).

Also the higher voltage will provide better tissue penetration and more effectively recharge the voltage of your 70 trillion cells (via recharging the transmembrane potential or TMP).

Only one machine currently available has this higher voltage capacity. And remember, high voltage is safe and extremely therapeutic in small temporal doses.

Don’t be fooled by companies that sell machines with small little Tesla coils that claim the higher voltages are irritating and the lower voltages smoother and relaxing. See the high voltage study here>>>

Along with a wide spectrum of frequencies, a higher voltage device is the most important thing to look for.

Also, if you don’t have a health issue and want the lower voltage for relaxation, the higher voltage device reviewed here has an adjustable spark gap so you can lower the voltage to create a quiet, smooth session.

Tip #4: Look for a Device with the widest Range of Frequencies


Look for a machine that provides the widest and richest spectrum of frequencies. Factors that enhance this spectrum are the high voltage Tesla coil, a broad spectrum of elements in the tubes, and a Rodin coil on top. Remember the length, size and shape of the tubes does nothing to increase the frequency range, only the gases inside the tubes.

Georges Lakhovsky developed the original Multiwave Oscillator (MWO) on the premise that when you provide the body and the cells a wide and rich spectrum of frequencies, you increase the likelihood of resonating with all the different cells and tissues in the body, that can have varying resonate frequencies.

Doing this reinforces the vibration and energy of the cells so that your cells can naturally be strengthened to heal, repair, defend, and protect themselves.

Tip #5: Different Elements used in the Gas Tubes

3099448Look for a machine that has a maximum number varying elements in the tubes. Most companies using several repeating gases that limits the range. Also try to get tubes in the UVC spectrum as was used by Royal Raymond Rife.

The size and shape of the tubes does not improve or change the frequency spectrum. The spectrum is 100% dependent on the elements used.

Here are some of the best choices for gases in the tubes
Water Vapor
Air Vapor
Mercury (for UVC)

NOTE: Mercury is perfectly safe to use and provides photons in the UVC spectrum that none of the other gases provide.

Most companies that make these devices offer a range of gases, but try to get the widest variety you can.

Tip #6: Toroidal Design

3235959A polished aluminum toroid balances electrostatic energy fields to concentrate corona discharge to arc rod. The Tesla coil construction and toroid are important elements in determining resonance and output efficiency of the device.



Tip #7: Is Regular Maintenance needed for Recalibration?


All spark gap and analogue MWO devices need recalibration every year or so. These technologies use 1920’s electronics and require constant maintenance over time.

Only the BioCharger™ NG is solid state and uses advanced electronics which never needs to be calibrated.



Tip #8: Pricing


The prices of these devices range from $8000 – $35,000, so make sure you know what you are getting for the money you pay.

Multiwave Oscillators are a big investment in your health and they are definitely worth the investment, but you want to make sure you get a device that really delivers a high enough voltage and a wide enough spectrum of frequencies for maximum benefit.



Tip #9: Quality of Manufacturing, Warranty and Money Back Guarantee


The prices of these devices range from $8000 – $35,000, so make sure you know what you are getting for the money you pay.

Make sure to get a device that is well made with the highest manufacturing standards. The BioCharger™ NG leads all the companies with features such as Motion Based Power Shut off, emergency power shut off, UL approved components and materials, ISO 9001, RoHS Compliant (Ensures highest safety and quality standards are maintained.

Also with the BioCharger™ NG , Each unit is registered, tested, configured at factory w/ final QC performed prior to shipping. Software updates are downloaded; enabling continuous improvements and eliminating obsolescence.

Also, make sure the device comes with at least a two year warranty whereby you pay nothing to have your unit fixed or replaced within two years (if anything happens).
And make sure your unit is serviceable beyond the 2 year warranty.

Finally, ask about a money back guarantee as many units do not offer this. the BioCharger™ NG has a 45 day money back guarantee.

Tip #10: Make Sure you Get Expert Support


When you invest in a machine of this cost, it is imperative that you make sure you receive expert guidance and support in using the device.

The BioCharger™ NG is easy to set up and connect to your Wifi, but the company offers to have a trained technician to come and install the unit for you.



Final Tip – Don’t Buy Used Devices or Devices off Ebay – BE CAREFUL


You run the risk of getting scammed by a cheap knockoff.

There are some companies selling devices on ebay that are NOT what they say they are. Be VERY CAREFUL. Only buy from reputable websites and manufacturers.

Also watch out for used machines. Buying a machine for half price off the retail is NOT a bargain if it breaks down and you can’t get it fixed or worse yet, you get a device that is a cheap knockoff that never really worked in the first place.